“I am an Oil Craftsman, Olive Grower and Miller by Choice and I love to only make extreme quality oil”

A perfect balance between earth, man and machine, which translates the essence of the fruits coming exclusively from our olive groves, in the prestigious selection of Decimi Oil.

A strict, scrupulous, and highly selective control that Graziano Decimi, oil craftsman, personally performs for all the steps of the production process, up to the bottling phase.

An accurate and constant work of study and research, which has led the craftsmanship of Graziano Decimi to join in the experimentation of innovative solutions together with the company MORI-TEM. This technical partnership has developed cutting-edge and non-invasive extraction methods, to naturally and mechanically extract from every single “Olive” the healing and flavour potential that only this fruit is able to offer.

The production cycle of the Decimi mill

  1. 1- Defoliation and washing of carefully selected olives within 4 hours from the harvest 
  2. 2- Milling, which takes place with a two-phase state-of-the-art Toscana Enologica Mori oil mill, numerous technical devices, and continuous innovative research in order to obtain an extremely controlled cold extraction, without addition of running water and with procedures that always avoid uncontrolled side reactions. 
  3. 3- Oil storage in steel containers and constantly under nitrogen, away from light and at controlled temperature, so that the product maintains its characteristics and aromatic freshness.

Making Oil is an Art.

Making an Oil of extreme quality is our idea of craftsmanship

There is an indissoluble link between the place where the olive trees grow, the land that feeds them, the technology used and the manual skills of man. And it is only from this bond that great extra virgin oils are born, those with organoleptic characteristics (aroma and taste) of the highest level and healthy nutritional qualities. Our idea of quality is “holistic” – quality that benefits man in his entirety (mind, body and spirit), because only high-quality extra virgin olive oils can be considered real healing elements within a healthy and correct diet, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, precious allies of our wellness.